Where can I find you?

You can find us at several different farmer's markets around metropolitan Minnesota. Check our locations for more details, including parking information. Our orchard is in Hampton, Minnesota, but we do not currently allow customers to visit.

Which apple is best?

While the apple you like best is largely up to personal preference, each apple has its own strengths. Some apples are great for fresh eating, and some are great for baking with. Some are good for both. Whatever you need, whether you have a specific use in mind, or are just looking for a good eating apple, we want to help. We offer free samples of all our apples, and we use our experience and knowledge to help you pick the right apple.

Do you sell apple cider?

At the moment we do not sell apple cider. We are, however, looking at selling cider in the future.

Do you spray your trees? Are you organic?

Many of our customers are curious about the types of sprays we use, and we understand the concerns. We make a commitment to using low doses of sprays in a way that is environmentally responsible and safe for wildlife and our customers. Additonally, we don't spray our apples for at least a month prior to the harvest date. After picking, all of our apples are thoroughly cleaned in a two-stage washing system.

Our apples are not organic. We use industry standard sprays at the recommended dosages. We make a commitment to using the safest sprays we can. We take your, and our, health seriously.

Do I need to wash the apples?

We wash all of our apples in a two-stage washer. Although we are confident that our apples are clean, it is still a good practice to wash all fruit. We recommend gently washing your apples prior to enjoying.

Can I take a tour or visit your orchard?

We don't offer tours or visits of our orchard currently to the general public.

Can I pick my own apples?

We do not let customers pick their own apples currently.

Can I special order a quantity of apples?

Yep. Just send us an email with some of your details and what you're looking for and we'll let you know what we can do for you.