About Us

Sunshine Orchard is a small, independent, direct to consumer apple orchard. We are family owned, and have been in business for more than 20 years. We are dedicated to growing the best apples possible.

We've expanded over the years, but our goal has stayed the same. What originally started as 300 trees, has now grown to 1200 trees and 20 different varieties. We now sell at four different locations for your convenience, and can accommodate larger orders of apples to fit your needs.

We use sustainable practices and support protection of the environment. Thats why we specially select all of our sprays to be as safe as possible, even if that means more work for us. Protecting the environment is important to us.

We only sell our apples locally. You can be sure that every apple you buy from us has taken the shortest trip from the tree to you possible. We don't deal with middle men. We don't sell to grocery stores. We only sell directly to you. Because of this, we can get higher quality apples to you and faster, than anyone else can.

When you buy from us, you can expect quality. We put the same amount of care into everything we do, from picking to helping our customers choose the right apple. We don't settle for less. You don't need to either.


picture of apple tree with apples picture of top of apple tree with apples on it picture of apple hanging from tree picture of a box of picked apples picture of a tree in the wind